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"New Orleans-based Gravy Flavored Kisses plays blues/rock.  Not the weary 12-bar blues thing  just turned up to 11 but an all-out, full-tilt, head-on collision between blues and rock...  Gravy Flavored Kisses has done a bang-up musical  balancing act with "The Mail."

- Jim Beal Jr., San Antonio Express - News


"Gravy Flavored Kisses is impossible to classify... 'The Mail' made a fan of me and it can surely make a fan of you in less than one song."

- Emily Hingle, Where Y'at Magazine

"This is clearly a band that wants your attention, and the songs on this disc deserve it. Though a roots-rock act at heart, Gravy Flavored Kisses’ raucous delivery evinces the parties they’ve probably played; and their funk smacks more of the Chili Peppers than the Meters... The band puts out enough energy that any frat party would be glad to have them. But anyone who catches some lyrics on the way to the keg is bound to do a double take."

- Brett Milano, Offbeat Magazine



Gravy Flavored Kisses - In the Red